Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Double Feature Review with Babaloo! Toy Story 3 & Inception

Babaloo: First off let me say....we’re baaaackkkk!!! It’s been awhile since we reviewed anything. So here I go.

Toy Story 3 is loaded with memorable characters...from the over dressed Ken to the theatrical German hedgehog with a Shakespearean voice...But one of the most memorable characters of the film (for me) is Big Baby. It is a old, beat-up baby doll that makes only baby sounds and it’s one of the creepiest in the film. Anyway, not to spoil to much of the film...the loaded cast of characters each play an important roll in Toy Story 3.The film is a bit dark at times but very well balanced fast paced and fun. This is a film for all young and old. But not to worry, you won’t feel the dark themes in the movie.

This film is the best in the Trilogy probably the best of Pixar so far. Animation was superb as usual.I give it 5 out of 5 pugs.


Again, I don’t want to say much about the movie. BUT.....It. was. awesome!!!! Like...I mean....rip the handles off your seat A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! So yeah I loved it.

This film is The Matrix meets Ocean’s 11 with a little Total Recall and The Cell on the side. Dominic - played by Leonardo Dicaprio - is given one last “job”. The objective is to convince Fischer (Cillian Murphy) to break up his father's company, preventing it becoming a monopoly. Easier said than done. He’s band of dream robbers storm in Fisher’s dream and all hell breaks lose. If that doesn’t get them killed then his crazed imagination will.....and that is all I am saying about that.

The acting is wonderful...Ellen Page plays Adriane, the voice of reason to Dominic who he doesn’t listen too. The best was Marion Cotillard as the antagonist to Dominic...Again that is all I am saying.

Just see the movie dam it!!!I give it 5 out of 5 pugs