Monday, September 27, 2010

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Taylor: Hot Fuzz is one of those movies that you kinda go into expecting to like, then aren't sure if you like it, then you end up loving it. Simon Pegg plays Nicholas Angel, a London police officer that is so great at his job, they reassign him to the small quaint village of Sandford. Bored at first with all the small town charm and nothing to do, he very quickly finds himself investigating a conspiracy where the townspeople are being murdered...and their neighbors are the suspects.

My only complaint about the film involves the sound. The sound effects and sound are so loud at times that you have to turn down the volume, but then you can't hear/understand the very heavy accents on the village residents (I eventually gave up and put the subtitles on). The film is a comedic homage to all the big 90's Michael Bay style cop buddy movies, and Pegg and his partner Nick Frost are great! Wonderful Chemistry and Frost is cuddly and charming as Angel's simple and loyal constable, Butterman.

The final action sequence is over the top, but it works and made me laugh out loud on several occasions. If you like smart action movies that make fun of dumb action movies, then rent Hot Fuzz.

I give Hot Fuzz 4 Pugs.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hard Candy (2005)

Taylor: I was told I HAD to see Hard Candy by a certain podcasting cohost of mine, who watched it one night, riveted to her seat. Wanting to not take forever, like I often do with movies, and wanting to model good movie recommendation behavior for Miss Huffington (Taffy, how'd you like Big Night?), I moved the movie up to the top of my Metflix Queue. Pizza in hand, I turned off the lights and pressed play on the PS3.

For those of you not in the know, Hard Candy tells the tale of Hailey, a 14 year old middle schooler, (Ellen Page) and Geoff, a 32 year old photographer (Patrick Wilson) who talk online and decide to meet in a cafe. After their online flirting turns to face to face flirting, the two end up back and Geoff's place, drinks are consumed, cameras are pulled out, shirts are taken off....then it gets intense.

Let's just say the tables get turned.

I don't want to say too much about the movie. I'm not even going to post the trailer because I don't want to give anything away. I will say this though. I don't think my heart stopped pounding in my head for 90 minutes. While the film borders on cliche with some of the suspense, it never quite goes over the top, and a few times when you think you see something coming, it makes a quick veer into the unexpected. While Taffy said on PiMC that she felt both of the primary actors should have been nominated for Oscars, I wouldn't go QUITE that far. Both Page and Wilson (who manages to look juuuuuust creepy enough with his beard whiskers and rectangular glasses.)

If you enjoy a GOOD suspense film, grab a handful of Hard Candy! Puns are fun!

Hard Candy gets four pugs

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Philadelphia Story (1940)

In attempt to acquaint myself with some of the classics of Hollywood, I added a few well known and loved movies to the Netflix queue and hope to find that I loved them as well. While the Disney animated classics are a given, I thought I would broaden my horizons a little with what felt like a no brainer, The Philadelphia Story. The romantic comedy stars Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart as a socialite, her ex-husband and a writer/reporter. With a cast like this, it CAN'T go wrong, right?
I can honestly say that this is the first movie where I was ACTUALLY following the timeline of the movie, waiting for the wedding scene to happen at the end so that it would be over. It's HORRIBLE!
First of all, it didn't help that I had a crappy version of the film on DVD. I had to turn up my volume almost to full capacity to hear what they were saying. But then when I DID listen to the dialogue, I almost wanted to just turn it back down again. It was a lot of yammering and endless conversations that go NOWHERE. Is Tracy Lord (Hepburn) an "Ice Princess?" Does Dexter (Grant) love Tracy still, or will she end up with Connor, who is kinda dating his photographer/partner in crime Liz (Ruth Hussey, the only positive I could find in the acting category)? No one save Liz is likable in any way - they are all boring and bored with each other. People go from flirting to fighting back to flirting and it makes no sense.
I hoped that if there was one bright spot in an otherwise bleak movie it would be the costumes. It's a movie in the 40s about rich people - expect some glamrous outfits, right? Wrong. The most glamorous ensemble Hepburn wears is a wrap/towel thing (with shoulder pads, natch) when she decides to take a dip in the pool. She literally, changes from regular clothes into her bathing suit, then puts on the wrap, talks to Stewart, takes OFF the wrap, dives in the pool, gets out of the pool and puts the wrap BACK on to have a conversation with her fiance'. It makes NO sense!
I am sure I am probaly offending people left and right with this review, but if you have a desire to watch some classic films, do yourself a favor and avoid this one. One pug.
Here's the trailer, which I watched on the dvd. It's the best thing about the whole experience.