Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bigger, Stonger, Faster (2008)

Taylor: Bigger, Stronger, Faster speaks to my demographic as a child (particularly, a boy) of the 1980s. I am about the same age as the filmmaker, Chistopher Bell, and can see where he got the idea for making a movie about the images that he saw as a child of big muscled action heroes and professional wrestlers, and how those images stayed with him and his brothers. The film talks about the use of steroids and, like all good documentaries should, never gives you a clear sense of pro vs. con. At times you almost feel as though he is giving you reasons why everyone should take steroids, then comes back to showing some of the devastating effects the drugs have had on his family, in particular, his older brother.

The film doesn't stop at steroids. It talks about national perception as a whole, and how the images for men have changed dramatically over the last 30 years, from Popeye the Sailor to guys like the Situation from Jersey Shore. He spends a lot of time showing how "juicing" has changed baseball, and how athletics has gone from "fair play" to "whatever it takes."

I'm glad that I finally was able to watch this documentary, and if you are anything like Taffy, who loves documentaries (and has told me that she loves this one), then you will like this film. Now available on Netflix.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that Chris Bell is kinda hot. Bigger, Stronger, Faster gets 5 pugs.

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