Monday, October 4, 2010

Then She Found Me (2007)

Taylor: So let me see if I got this straight. Helen Hunt directed herself in a movie where she plays a jewish woman who finds out her real mother is Bette Midler. She's also married to Matthew Broderick, but he leaves her ten minutes into the movie, and she starts sleeping with Colin Firth, who is the father to one of her 1st grade students. And there is supposed to be comedic elements to this. Hm. Ok. Sure.

Then She Found Me is Hunt's directorial debut and while it had a few (and I mean few) fine moments in it, the film is, for the most part, boring as hell. The only direction I can see she gave the other actors (and herself) is to act with as little emotion as possible. Ninety percent of the film has all the main characters acting very flat. When they are happy, they don't smile. When they cry, no tears. When they're angry, they stand still. I am not sure if this is supposed to be symbolic of April (Hunt's) standing in life, or midlife crisis, or what, but it grows wearisome over time. The story, based on a 1990 book by Elinor Lipman, has the main characters all making really, really stupid decisions that don't even seem to make sense from a dramatic point of view. Characters lie, sleep with each other, demand would be confusing if it weren't so damn dull. You have someone like Bette Fucking Midler on your movie, you make sure you give her at least one chance to chew up the scenery at least a little bit. Here, she comes off as grating and selfish...but we don't understand why.

If you're looking for a movie about adult children finding their birth parents, rent or watch Flirting With Disaster. At least that one has Mary Tyler Moore giving a blowjob in it.

Then She Found Me gets 1 pug.

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