Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vulgar (2000)

Taylor: It's official. I've outgrown the View Askewiverse.

Vulgar is a movie produced (but not directed) by Kevin Smith and his friend Scott Mosier. Starring many of the actors from Smith's other movies, Vulgur is a movie about a loser who is a clown at children's parties. Falling deeper in debt, he decides to expand his business to bachelor parties. His first job ends in him being sexually assaulted (in complete clown and nighty attire) by a father and his two sons. The rest of the movie shows how he copes with the assault, starts to gain success and seeks revenge against the men who took, dignity?

The film looks like every other mid 90's independent film. Poorly shot, badly acted and just...tragic. This film is supposed to be a comedy of sorts, but let's face it - rape is never funny, clown makeup or not. Many of the scenes following the assault remind me of short one acts that I did in my college acting class, and are so over the top that you find yourself wanting to skip to the next scene. I stopped myself from doing that because I was always such a big Kevin Smith fan. I kept thinking to myself, "No one would say those sentences that way unless they were written for them." I still consider Chasing Amy to be one of my favorite movies, but even I can recognize that Smith and his cohorts are a one trick pony of a production company.

Vulgar gets one pug.

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